Green is Great!

I see my son striding down from the paddock, heading towards the house, with a huge bunch of Flat Leaf  Parsley and I groan…….out loud.  I know what that means.  Green smoothie coming up.  And I mean “green smoothie”.  But it’s a ‘sweet and sour moment’ because I smile to myself too. I appreciate it from deep inside my very cells.  I really am glad to see him coming and though I groan again when he hands me the glass of dark green slime – oops – I mean juice, I thank him afterwards and tell him I’d be happy to drink the stuff every day.  I really would. 
He makes it up for whoever is willing to drink it, including himself.
I had to laugh when I saw the latest – a sprig of parsley leaf decorating the top of each cup – looking so fresh and yum and enticing:)
He puts some  water (we have rain water here) in our vitamix, a great bunch of fresh parsley which was vibrantly growing only minutes before, some ice cubes (this really does help – the coolness makes it more palatable), and whizzes it up til it is like juice. He adjusts the water to suit.
We’ve had to almost eat it with a spoon at times- which isn’t the best.
A drinkable consistency more like juice is the nicest way to have it.
Last time he added just a hint of Stevia. A very small hint.
It wasn’t too bad…..quite ok.  Refreshing even.
The Flat Leaf Parsley is sweeter than the normal Curly Parsley and a little easier on the palate. Though we’ve endured the Curly Parsley many times.

You could actually juice it (versus using the blender) and add water to dilute it.  Or just have a shot of it and get it down with one gulp. With blender you are getting the whole thing – fibre and all. 

Sometimes he adds kale ( or uses kale instead of parsley) or cucumbers, or just a few sprigs of dill for flavour.

This truly is a ‘green drink’.

But you could add some apple, celery, carrot or beetroot to taste.

We mostly prefer the uncut version.

So what is so good about Parsley?

It truly is a tonic for your blood.

I was recently reading an article about the health benefits of Parsley and it helped me feel glad all over again for that glass of green.

May your cells rejoice too when they receive this nutrient dense, health promoting flood of goodness.

Greeen is GREAT!

It’s worth the groan.