The beauty is all around.

It makes you open your eyes in wonder.

It makes you pause and consider.


Wildflowers of all colours, shapes and sizes springing up between the grass, turning their little faces to the sunshine, announcing that life is fresh and life is good.



The kids come in with new bouquets, different every day. My kitchen bench has an assortment of ‘bush bouquets’.

All of them symbols of sharing and of appreciation for life and each other.


As I hang out the washing in the cool of the evening my toddler runs up to me with one little flower clenched in his fist and holds it up to me as an offering of love and happiness.

I kneel down and take in the sweet moment of beauty in the tiny purple flower but more importantly in the little child smiling before me.

No sooner has he handed it to me and received a kiss for his little gift then he takes off running back across the grass, to resume his playing.

I take the tiny purple flower inside and place it in a glass with water.

For several days, when I notice it, so tiny and simple, just a single stem, it makes me smile, as it symbolises the innocence and joy of childhood and a simple but profound beauty in nature that is all around if we take the time to notice.