Dan and Tim trying their hand at planting……it's all part of the fun…..WWOOFING  is conducive to relaxed learning.


Dan and Tim trying their hand at planting – all part of the fun.   WWOOFING is conducive to experience and learning in a relaxed, interactive way.

WWOOFING (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) – A cultural, embracing life, learning experience on our organic family farm, participating in a diverse range of activities. 

It’s about interaction and sharing the journey of our farm life with you.  We enjoy exchanging stories, learning about where you come from and providing experiences to remember. 

To make a difference. To educate. To share. Nurturing not just the soil but the people as well.  Farming is ‘whole way of life’ thing. 

We are QLD WWOOF hosts:  http://www.wwoof.com.au  .

We grow organic salad veggies such as lettuce, kale, herbs, and also heirloom tomatoes, rounds and roma’s, cucumbers and whatever else we may decide to try for the season. 





We enjoy playing live music.

Activities on our farm may include trying your hand at planting, swimming in the dam, harvesting, bike riding, ground prep, weeding, packing, milking the cow, collecting the eggs, sitting around a bonfire and much more.  We will endeavour to show you how things work and why they work and are happy to share what we have learnt along the way.  Please ask questions about whatever you are interested in. 

“THANK YOU so much for an amazing 3 weeks staying with you guys. Has been great to experience such a unique part of Australia.

Thank you for being so friendly and hospitable from the start (especially for the birthday cake – a birthday I’ll always remember now! 🙂 ) 

The work was good fun and enjoyed learning a few new things about growing and organics.

Enjoyed riding the motorbike and having a go on the tractor!

The food….amazing! Some of the best tomatoes and kale I’ve ever had. ……

Hope to see you again soon. Stay in touch!

Dan (Pommie)”





We have also sheep, chooks, cows and 2 dogs.  And wildlife – kangaroos, kookaburras, goanna’s, etc. etc.

This means that you may, depending on availability at the time, have farm fresh eggs, fresh lamb, fresh beef and fresh organic produce as part of your daily diet.

Accommodation is a private self contained van overlooking our farm. It is peaceful, with beautiful sunsets and lovely stars on a clear night.  Experience Australia away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


We are a couple of hours from Brisbane by bus with a drop off not far from our farm. 

We are looking for people who are happy to learn, share and embrace life and healthy farming practices. 

Please email us at jollygoodliving@webshield.net.au if you are interested in spending some time on our farm, participating in day to day life and taking away memories, experience and learning.

“The two weeks I had as a WWOOFER in Jolly Good Farm were amazing experience. Thank-you so much for everything. It was really great to discover a (small) part of Australia at your place and with your family. 

If I had only three words to describe the all stay: Organic  –  Peaceful  –  Kindness

Hope to see you again………

Cheers mates!!!

Tim”  (France)